Himel Mark Rozario

I am hailing from the beautiful city of Dhaka, situated in the charming country of Bangladesh. Currently, I am pursuing my studies at the esteemed Notre Dame University Bangladesh . I have been collecting matchboxes and labels since 2020 . In my collection, I have almost one thousand matchboxes and one thousand two hundred labels . I am a life member of "Bangladesh Matchbox Collector's Club" . Recently I have participated in an exhibition named " 2nd International Virtual Matchbox & Labels Exhibition 2022". That was my first international exhibition . After that I participated chronologically in " Celebration John Walker's 242nd Birthday" which was an online exhibition and then International Phillumenia Online Exhibition "PHILLONX 2023 " and "On-line Phillumeny Exhibition 2023".
I collect Matchbox and Labels based on country and subject matter. Anyway, the title of my exhibition is "Beautiful Matchbox & Labels on Flower". I like to collect Matchbox and Labels which attach pictures of flowers . The main reason for collecting these flower themes is that whenever I see these matchboxes , my heart fills up with joy and happiness. In this exhibition, I am going to show some Matchbox and Labels collected from India, Germany and Sweden . In those matchboxes and labels , many countries are showing pictures of their country's beautiful flowers and mainly their country's diversity is exhibited.Indian Matchbox and Labels is displaying many pictures of Indian flowers such as Lotus flower . In the same manner, in the Matchbox cover of Sweden some beautiful pictures of flowers from that country are displayed.

Tema: Flores
Theme: Flowers

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